Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sermon: Leave it For GOD

Life is a battlefield, As long as we are in this world, we battle against spiritual entities that work against our progress, he elaborated. Our battles, are similar, though camouflaged differently. Satan is our common enemy.

Wisemen Christopher

Our battle for survival is not personal but in the hand of God. We should learn to trust God. Upon our strength, we cannot rely. Our courage is as perfect cowardice; our sufficiency is of God. As human beings, we do not, on our own, have enough strength to stop satan.  Satan can only be stopped by the Spirit of God, continued the preacher, advising his listeners to lay their souls under the influence of the Holy Spirit. He entitled his message, ‘Leave It For God’ and opened to Matthew 6:25-27 and 33-34 as his proof text. 

Not to be worried by their situation but to be ruled by God’s Word. The key is not to suppress the flesh but to surrender to the Spirit. “Satan is under my feet because I war in the spirit, in Christ Jesus.” Leave your situation for God and be armed by His sovereignty.

God’s Word is eternal and is the final authority, settling all problems and situations.  If you think about tomorrow, you build tension around yourself today; God is aware of your situation. He knows you by your name. He will not allow anything out of His control to happen to you. 

Do not lose focus or be distracted by any situation, the wise man repeated, buttressing his point with John 16:33. According to the wise man, it is easy to get off track and lose focus on what you came to the world to do. If you feel pain in any situation, you live out of the truth. Those who make Jesus their source shall find Him to be all sufficient. Moses, in Exodus 14, made God his source and found him sufficient. Our God does not need our support; leave it for Him. When you do not seek to defend yourself, the Lord will make you stronger. 

Only the Spirit of the Lord can stop your adversaries. Our communication is imperfect unless aided by the Spirit of God. By His grace, we are who, where and what we are. Left to ourselves, we would fall and the enemy would laugh at us. We cannot save ourselves but the name of Jesus can. His is the name above all names; He is the Lord. When we use the name, Jesus, we will have the secret that ruled the world through the apostles: salvation and miracles in the name of God.

We overcome satan by the Blood of the lamb and the Word of our testimony. Those who know Him get victory through Jesus; you should include God in your decision. After we have done all that is humanly possible, we should leave the rest to God. We must not rely on ourselves but on Someone stronger, wiser and smarter than ourselves. If you trust in yourself, you are doomed to defeat and disappointment.  Total dependence on God for everything  is the answer. There is hope for the weak and the oppressed; Jesus is their hope. He fights for them and will not allow their situation to devour them.

Wise men Christopher

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