Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On 4th March 2011 Tafes Mwanza (Rsec) had the Powerful Praise and Worship Night named Fresh Fire Night of Praise and Worship. The Event where conducted at the grounds of Nyamalango Primary School which is located near by Saint Augustine University. It was a blessing night for all students and Non students who managed to attend. Unlike other Praise and worship concerts which are always done within University Halls (Theatres), this event was conducted outside the theatres on the pitch of football Ground. Real it was a new experience in Worship and we saw people delivered from demons while Praising and Worshiping GOD was going on. Finally many students receive Jesus as their personal savior and praises and Worship continue till 3:00am. Heeey!! Views some pictures of the event.

Musicians making sure music instruments are ready for the work
Semira Mobile sound was there to facilitate Powerful sound for the event
Task force on operation
From Left is Bro Barnabas Shija, Pastor Goodluck Kyala who is the Tafes regional chairperson, Bro Kelvin Mapunda, Pastor Goodluck Nzwalla(with Laptop) from Kingdom Worshipers and Bro Charles having some discussions  before the event
Bro Baraka one among of Tafes ict coordinator making sure Projectors and their screen are oky

Some of the members of the committee which organized the event,The first from Left is Bro Loreku who is the Tafes Stem in Mwanza
Kikosi kazi was there kuhakikisha kila kitu kiko oky

From left is Bro Barnabas shija Chairperson of the committee, Sister Vivian mshika mikoba(Treasurer) and the Secretary of the committee 

Preparations going on
Preparations going on
At 7:30pm everything was ready for commencement of the event
Tafes praise Team on Stage
Tafes praise Team leading the Mass 
Pastor Evelyn Nzogelle with Black Suit Worshiping GOD during the Event
Tafes praise Team leading the Mass
Noel Mlabwa Bigmukulu thulemonde Masebene leading praising
Everything is double double,………….. double double!!
Wakongwe wa njia also where there Kelvin Manywele and Philbert wakutamalaki

Praises Going on 
Man of GOD Jackson Mndeme from Kilimanjaro preached the word of GOD, It was wonderful presentation
Audience listening the word of GOD
Many People surrendered their lives to JESUS
Praises continued until 3:00 Am

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