Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jose Chameleone Returns to Catholic Religion for the Good of His Family

Jose Chamilion talking to Hipipo about his decision at his home place
6 days after news broke that Jose Chameleone had converted to Islam, the self proclaimed music heavy weight Dr Joseph Chamilione has talked to HiPipo.com and clarified that he has decided to obey his parents, his in laws and his entire family and go back to the religion his parents raised him in.

Chameleone who met the HiPipo.com team at his Seguku home, said the past six days have been the hardest of his life, he explained to HiPipo.com that, his name is Joseph Mayanja though he has lived with Muslims before, and he attended an Islamic school Kawempe Muslim where he composed the school anthem.

Chameleone said that, on Friday the 12th of August he attended Juma prayers at Kibuli mosque at his own will, he didn’t go to tour but he just wanted to have a personal relationship with God, but to his surprise, his decision now makes him feels like he had committed the biggest crime. Chameleone has got a lot of pressure on him in the past few days from the press and his family!

Chameleone who informed HiPipo.com that when news got to his father that he had become a Muslim, Mr Mayanja (his father) said that he should not use his name Mayanja anymore and most of his family members like his aunt Oliver were so furious, they went with his mother and talked to him because no one could understand his decision.

At first Chameleone didn’t want to react but then his own wife Daniela and kids abandoned him at a request of his in laws. It was after this that Chameleone, felt like his life is meaningless, the fact that he works hard every day for his wife, kids and family.
“I always want to keep a good relationship with my family” Affirmed Chameleone.

Given the much pressure, and for the good of his family, Chameleone said that “even the Koran and bible state that Janah is for those that respect their parents, so there’s no way I am going to live a good life when I am not in harmony my people especially those people who gave me chance to live”.

When HiPipo.com asked Jose Chamilione to comment about people’s reactions that say, he used that opportunity as a publicity stunt to boost his upcoming concert!, Jose Chameleone said “I have been Chameleone for 13 years and when I went to the mosque I did that as Joseph Mayanja. I just wanted to communicate to my God, because my relationship with him is personal, so there’s no way I would do it as a publicity stunt especially when all my Muslim brothers and sisters are fasting”.

Jose Chameleone
 He added “people every day come to my concerts, do I first convert to ISLAM for them to come?”
Chameleone lamented that “my family is so important, I love my God but this thing of converting, and leaving all my family in a mess, still it won’t please my God”.
Come Sunday,Jose Chamilione will go and attend mass at Mutungo Binna church where he got married from.

When HiPipo.com asked Chameleone about his upcoming concert, he said right now there’s a lot of pressure. But his team will keep everyone posted about that concert.
When Chameleone was asked about if he will drop his new name Gadaffi, he said, “people call me by so many names and I can’t deny them at times, but my name is Joseph Mayanja son of Gerald Mayanja”.

Source: hipipo.com 

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