Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Sermon: It Is Not The End 1

"As your days, so shall your strength be." Deuteronomy. 33:25
We all go through periods of life when we feel we cannot go on. It can be a loved ones terminal illness (or your own), death of a precious person, a child who decides to go his/her own way instead of following God, an unfaithful spouse, financial reversal, being lost in a strange place, experiencing shunning, malignant disease or rejection from friends. All of these are terrible days and at times we think things couldn’t be worse--we feel we just can’t keep going.


Heman the Ezrahite, in Psalm 88 felt like that. This Psalm is written by a man who cries to the Lord because he feels so depressed and desolate. He ends this Psalm by saying,
“Darkness is my only friend.” 

During dark days, reading the Psalms can be very comforting. We need to know others have gone through these dark periods of life as well. Even though God seems far away, He isn’t. He is there and is upholding us. Deuteronomy 33:27 comforts us by telling us,
“The everlasting God is our place of safety, and his arms will hold you up forever.” 

There are times in life when God seems far away and we wonder why he is not speaking to us. Why can’t we feel His warmth? Why are dark clouds surrounding us? 

One day recently, the sky was covered with clouds all day, but towards the late afternoon the clouds parted and the sun came out--the day turned bright and warm. It felt so good. But after an hour, the clouds covered the sun again. The sun hadn’t moved—it was still there, but the clouds were temporarily covering it. 

Life is like that. Some days, months or even years seem so dark. But God has not moved. The clouds of life are temporarily covering His brightness and warmth. Trust Him. Keep talking to Him. Keep serving Him. He is there. Those dark days are not the end!
Father God, please remind your people, who are going through dark times right now that you still love them eternally and you are always there. 

You haven’t moved. Cause them to remember that you will give them enough strength to go through each day. Amen

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