Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sermon:Get Connected to Your Altar

Pastor Elihud Mwasenga

GOD wants us to join our hearts with the heart of man of GOD so as we can have one heart with the servant of GOD. Luk 11:17 any kingdom which fighting itself is doomed. stop fighting against your spiritual leaders (fathers) but join them. When you say am a member of this church it means your connected to the vision of that church

2Sam 18:3 Before devil fights you he fights first with your pastor because he knows your leader is your peace, and your shield. In church the first thing to protect is our pastor, a hunter or a soldier has to have weapons like arrows, shield, and guns to assist him. Sons and daughters in the church is like arrows and shield to a pastor, are there so stand in the pastor’s battle.

Many people they expect Pastor to fights for their battle and not them to fight for the Pastor’s battle. Once enemy comes, he first fights with the pastor and not with the church members, you have to pray much for your pastor and for the church leaders because you can’t go beyond your pastor .The more they prosper the more you prosper and are the one to declare your Prosperous.

Mikah 5:4 Those who stay under him they do remain undisturbed, the more they grow the more you grow the more they became stagnant is the same point you will be. GOD is the GOD of formula, if he wants to bless his church he first bless our pastor because in spirit we can’t go higher than our pastor, we share the Grace that God has given him.

Leaders/Pastors has a Prophetic word for you
Genesis 49:1
Leaders or your pastor has a prophetic word for your life, One day in our church we had a vibrant preacher, and he decided to insult our pastor, Our  pastor didn’t speak negative to him, now am talking that man is a mentor. Listen, if you living with a man of God anything your doing to him or her can either promote you or demote you. In the Bible Reuben was rewarded according to what he did to his father. “Ni afadhali ukutane na mtu mwenye silaha kali kuliko kukutana na baba yako mwenye kauli zilizo kinyume na wewe”.

Once pastor stands and say you’re going to prosper and he says this is your YEAR OF LOUGHTER others they don’t take it seriously, they think those are the normal words for pastors. I tell you they will come to pass, those mountains in your life let pastors speaks something to them. If an enemy attacks any area in your life, connect yourself with the man of GOD and that challenge will never stay anymore.

How to be Connected
In order to be connected with your pastor you have to Pray for them, Work with them, share your time and your money with them. Others are scarred once am talking about money, they need me to talk about other things when it comes about money then need me to skip that area as if it is not spiritual. Some they have been instructed by God to get connected to their pastor and they refused, here am not talking about tithe. If you want to be connected and become partaker of Blessings, give your prayers, time, Money, efforts, and everything to your pastor

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