Friday, January 6, 2012

A Worshipper's Cry - Tehillah Friday

Worship truly is an amazing thing. I think it’s deeper than most of us know or understand. Weird to think that we can’t fully comprehend something that we were created to do… created to be. It seems like I’m always learning something new about worship, things that just blows my mind. Lately I’ve been thinking about this question. What can contain God’s presence?… That’s not really it. I guess it’s more like, where can God’s presence reside or what kind of place can God’s presence inhabit in? I know we’ve been taught that when praises go up blessings come down. When we worship (sing unto God) there will be a sweet fragrance of His presence that will fill the room. These things are true…kind of. But surely it’s gotta be deeper than just singing some songs, right?

Many of you know that I’m a teacher. I teach 4th grade to 25 lovely (on most days) souls. One day during break, I stayed in (as usual) to grade papers and get ready for the next lesson. As I was sitting at my desk completely focused on what I was doing, I heard one of my kids crying. Now, I hear crying ALL the time and many times I don’t even bother to see what it’s about because most of the cries are just for show.

Pastor Isaack Malonga Ministering in one of the session at Tehillah Friday
But this cry was different. It instantly got my attention and I knew EXACTLY who it was. Later this got me thinking. Is this how God is with us when it comes to worship? Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that God doesn’t hear our every cry. But have you ever wondered why God doesn’t visit some of our services? Could it sometimes be that He hears a fake cry…a cry that’s not truly sincere?

Now I’m thinking that God can’t help but be in worship…excuse me, true worship that is. The angels, elders, and all those beings or creatures are constantly crying out, “Holy, holy, holy!” We know that heaven does not contain God, He contains heaven (Thanks Pastor Dan!). So if heaven is just constant worship, reverence of who He is, exaltations, etc. and His fullness is definitely there...what would happen if all that ceased-the worship that is? Would He still be there? I think not. See, there’s a certain type of place that God can dwell. That’s a place where only worship resides.

Now linking this back to my story. This particular child (notice child is singular) instantly got my attention. It made me literally stop what I was doing and focus on that child. I know I have an imaginative mind, but I can’t help but see Him on His throne in all that glory. And all of a sudden in all of His glory, His attention is immediately captured to a certain cry.

Tehillah Friday Sessions

A cry (worship) that makes Him take Himself from what He’s doing (Go with me folks, I know God is omnipresent) and tend to that cry with haste! Now if I was moved by one voice, what do you think God would do if He heard all His children cry out in worship? Wow, what a thought. My peeps, I think God has been entertained enough. 

We need to do something that makes our Father move…true worship. So many of our services are dry because THERE IS NO WORSHIP! And honestly, we need to get pass asking for a visitation. Maybe I’m greedy, but I don’t want God to just visit me. I want to dwell in Him! If we would truly worship Him in spirit and in truth…if we were houses of worship, He would be there!

By Delicia Roberson,
Worship Pastor Tehillah Friday

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