Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live Tele-Seminar with Mwl C. Mwakasege on Saturday Jan 28th 2012

Mwalimu Christopher Mwakasege
MANA MINISTRIES(USA) We are glad to invite you once again to the special Live Tele-Seminar in which Mwalimu Christopher Mwakasege from Arusha Tanzania will be teaching and praying live for all mainly who are in Diaspora( USA, Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia etc) on Saturday Jan 28th 2012
This seminar will be teleconferenced live all over the world. Regardless of where you are at, you can still participate.
TIME: USA & CANADA: 9am [Central time- MN/TX etc], 10am [Eastern Time], 7am-[Pacific Time]
          ASIA & RUSSIA: 5pm- Jerusalem, 8pm Karachi, 11pm Hong Kong
          AFRICA: 6pm-[East African time], 3pm [West African time], 4pm [Central African time]
          EUROPE: 3pm- London-UK, 4pm- Rome, 5pm- Sophia
         AUSTRALIA: 2am(Sunday morning)-Sydney
Teleconference: Call 218-895-2851 Pass-code: 9102011
Due to high volume of callers, would advise you log in even few minutes ahead of time in order to be there on time. You keep on logging in till you get in. Prayers will start 30 minutes before the seminar.
Should you have any question,please do not hesitate to contact MANA MINISTRIES(USA) at:
Telephone: Toll free 1888-481-6077 // 6513340163
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and please share these information with others!


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