Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Sermon: Catching your right image

Pastor David Mwakyusa na Mkewe Dorcas
Usually when we want to access our right perspectives in life we are bound to our environments. We normally listen to what people say about us and not what God say about us.

 But, most of us after shower we find ourselves around our dressing tables fascinated by a huge mirror to display our images. No one doubt about the image reflects in the mirror in front of that particular person. We undoubtly believe that that is how we look like.

  James 1 said, when we read the word is compared to looking at the mirror. That is very interesting to me! I don't need to struggle to know how I look like. What is the right image of my life! Whether I’m like what the environment tell me to be or not. I'm what the word says about me. Men & women, who model excellence in this life, are men & women who had caught their right images. These are men & women who had caught their right perspectives of the lives.

 You can only look at yourself through the word. This is one of the powerful words that have changed my way of looking at my life and ministry. You too can join me into this amazing grace of God by holding fast on the word of His grace.

Pastor  David W.K.M

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