Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be Careful With Whom Your Sharing Your Business Idea With – Pastor Isaac Malonga

Pastor Isaac Malonga

The enemy times you at your weakest point in the delivery room, because when your giving birth you do not have the strength and energy, so who is going to receive what your birthing?.Throughout your conception you will guide and protect but we MISS THE MARK on the delivery day. Thats why Pharaoh knew how to catch the deliverer by dealing with wakunga(Midwives).

It is not necessarily that your baby can be killed but can be switched as well.Be careful with whom your sharing your business idea with, because SHARING of business idea is giving birth.Wherever is conceived is conceived in Spirit and your mind birth it, When GOD giving you an idea, you conceive it in your spirit and it is your MIND that birth it.

In birthing it, your revealing it now  from SPIRIT to the NATURAL, YES your giving birth the question is who is your MIDWIFE who is receiving THAT BABY, THAT PROJECT, THAT BUSINESS IDEA.Your DELIVERER died on the hands of Mkunga. That who is going to deliver you(deliverer), might die on the hands of midwife.Because Mary gave birth to Jesus but Jesus was her deliverer, Moses mom gave birth to MOSES but Moses was her deliverer, you might carry the deliverer in you but birthing it in wrong hands.

A Portion from:The Battle of my Future by Pstr Isaac Malonga

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